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Because our test instruments are sold in all continents, we can compile the specific norm groups for each country.

In this way the results of the applicants are tested in a reliable manner, which is in the specific cultural frame of reference.

We offer you a service that is made-to-measure in all aspects.

Our products are used in various countries, to name a few:

Canada - The United States - Panama - Sweden - Denmark - England - The Netherlands - Belgium - Germany - Switzerland - Czech Republic - Nigeria - The United Arab Emirates - Turkey - India - Indonesia - Australia - New Zealand


More detailed description of the instruments

Our test instruments are related to:

1. Intellectual competencies

2. Personal competencies

Intellectual competencies – the CIP

These competencies are measured by means of the CIP (Checklist Intelligence Profile) and concern:

  • Analytical insight
  • Spatial insight
  • Logical reasoning
  • Technical insight
  • Numerical insight
  • Accuracy

The different sections can each be done separately or in a combined form.

The results that a candidate achieves are given in a clear easy-to-read report.

Here a definite aptitude advice is also provided.

Personal competencies – the CPP

These competencies are measured with the aid of the CPP (Checklist Professional Profile) and concern the following:

  • Stability
  • Work attitude
  • Leadership qualities
  • Management styles
  • Team orientation
  • Decisiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Client orientation
  • Social skills

Also, these test results are presented in a clearly defined report including an aptitude advice.

As mentioned above, the CPP as well as the CIP can be done online. You will receive the reports by e-mail immediately after having done the test.


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