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Aviation represents a fascinating world in which many people would like to be working.

Travelling frequently, the use of advanced technology and the divergent cultures exercise a big power of allure. For the greater part aviation schools need not worry about the inflow of new students.

Almost everyone has a family member, friend or acquaintance who would like to become a pilot.

There is generally no lack of interest in the training and the profession of a commercial pilot.

In aviation there are also a large number of applicants as opposed to a limited number of training centres or vacancies.

This contrast demands that the selection procedures must be done professionally and run efficiently.

It is of essential importance that an aviation school or airline company takes on candidates who are achievers and who, during their career, develop into top class pilots.

Incompetent pilots cause damage to the reputation of the aviation school as well as to the image of the airline company, resulting in financial loss.

Pilot Talent has the expertise to assist you in successfully choosing the right candidates.


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